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The Real Deal

From first glance you can see that this is the real deal. An all-aluminum riser and fully adjustable components means you’re starting them off right. These aren’t the bows from summer camp years ago...the Atomic delivers all the engineering of an adult bow in a youth size.

Bowhunter Planet Balloon Shootout

The guys at Bowhunter Planet use the Atomic in a game of balloon shootout.

Learn What's At Your Fingertips

We created this site with families in mind. Not only did we want to offer an awesome youth bow, but we also wanted to make it easy, fun and safe to learn how to get started in archery. This video gives you a quick overview of our site.

Know Your Bow's Parts?

Adjusting your bow is easy, but first you need to know what all of the parts are called. Watch the video for more info on each part.

Safe, Fun, Educational

Hey kids, visit our page just for you! It's loaded with videos, games and downloadable targets you'll love. Check out awesome pics and vids from other kids like you!

Explore the Kids Zone

It's Easy, We Promise!

The Atomic is the real deal and that means it can be adjusted to any child for maximum performance. Visit our how-to videos in the Parents Zone which make adjusting the Atomic a breeze.

Go to Parents Zone

Just The Facts

The Atomic fits kids of all ages and has a wide range of draw weight and draw length options, as you can see above. For more information, download the Atomic owner's manual.

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Diamond Atomic Wide Open Spaces Review

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