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Know Your Bow's Parts?

Adjusting your bow is easy but first you need to know what all of the parts are called. The matrix above is a quick reference but watch the video for more info on each part.

Watch with your kids

Safety is always #1. Whether you are new to archery or a long time veteran it's always a good habit to sit and watch saftey tips with kids. Watch an overview now.

Let's Get Started…

We've created easy to follow tutorial videos that tackle things like Draw Weight and Draw Length. If you don’t know what those are don't worry, it's rather easy, we promise.

Safe, Fun, Educational

We created a fun, safe environment for kids to learn about the sport of archery. Explore this page with your kids for videos, archery games and prinatble targets

Go to Kids Zone

TUTORIALS: Learn how to adjust your bow for a great shooting experience

How To Set Draw Length

How To Set Draw Weight

How To Shoot

Safe Shooting tips