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Finding Your Proper Draw Weight and Draw Length

Shooter Tip on how to determine both your proper draw length and draw weight.  No matter what compound bow you shoot, these simple steps will help you figure out your optimal settings.  Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on


A Quick and Easy Way to Determine Eye Dominance

Do you know which of your eyes is dominant?  Not sure what that means?  We break it down on how to find your dominant eye and why this is important to selecting a bow and how you shoot.  Follow the easy steps to find your dominant eye. Be sure to see all of our shooter […]


Diamond Launches

In late May 2016, Diamond Archery released the Edge SB-1, the most versatile and easy to use bow on the market. But we didn’t stop there. To make sure our customers had all the support they could possibly need, we launched a special website just for the Edge SB-1: The site features an entire library […]