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Mandi’s First Colorado Elk Hunt (A Living Blog!)

September 16, 2016

Mandi Zelinsky is not new to hunting. It’s in her blood. Her father is a well respected houndsman and has been taking her into the woods since she was a child. Mandi is also married to Diamond Archery prostaffer Nathan Zelinsky, a long time elk guide and full time fishing guide year round. Mandi has harvested deer, elk, goat as well as many other species in her home state of Colorado… but she’s never hunted elk with a bow. Until today!

When the Edge SB-1 was launched earlier this year Nathan Zelinsky was sent one to test shoot for us. He liked the bow’s performance but what was special to him was for the first time he could share a bow with his wife. Now Nate is 6’3″ and pulls 70lbs all day long. In a few minutes Nate tweaked that same bow to fit Mandi who is only 5’1″ tall. No press, no trips to the pro shop, just an allen wrench and a few arrows to sight it in.

Nate and Mandi Zelinsky
Nate and Mandi Zelinsky

Mandi, a mom of 3 year old twins, wasn’t sure what her draw weight was going to be when she started practicing this summer. The EZ-Adjust Pocket allowed her to start low (about 20lbs) and work here way up to 40lbs today. Little by little her strength and confidence built up to this week.. and her first ever bowhunt for an elk.

Mandi Draws the Edge SB-1
Mandi Draws the Edge SB-1

Keep checking back to this blog as we update her journey and hopeful first bull elk with a bow. Her and Nate are actively hunting a small herd this weekend and will be sending us updates. We’ll also post updates on our Facebook page!

We also want to hear your stories. Post them to social with #DiamondArchery or message us on Facebook. Good luck!