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Welcome to the Diamond Archery customer service center!

We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with top-quality service.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in these frequently asked questions, please contact us!

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Bow Registration

How do I register my bow?

On our registration page

How do I find my serial number?

For all models with a serial number you will find it in two locations:

1. It will be located on the riser right below the grip.
(include picture)
2. It will be located on the riser below where the string stop and wrist sling are located.
(include picture)

(Some models do not have a serial number provided on the bow. If you cannot find your serial number in one of these two place, please contact us.)

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Warranty Questions

Does my bow have a warranty?

Diamond bows not sold over the internet come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty to the registered original owner. This warranty protects against any failures of the product due to defects in material or workmanship, and does not include any damage due to abuse, misuse or modifications to the bow’s design. The following exclusions apply:

Cable slide, cable and strings, hush kit, bearings, paint and/or hydrographic film transferred finishes. Damage caused by abuse, mishandling, dry-firing, alteration or modification to original product. Other excluded damages are those resulting from either loose mod screws or shooting arrows less the five grains per pound of draw weight.

The Diamond Warranty covers product purchased from Authorized Diamond Dealers CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator. Diamond products purchased through the internet are not warrantied. Online purchases are only warrantied when purchased through an Authorized Dealer’s e-commerce site, and will not be warrantied if purchased through auction sites such as eBay.

What is the warranty process?

Take your bow to your local dealer, preferably the dealer you purchased it from. If that dealer is not available, please take it to your next closest Authorized Dealer CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator. At that point, the Dealer will contact our Parts and Service Department to determine together with our technicians if it is necessary to send the product back to the factory for further inspection, or if the issue can be easily resolved by sending parts directly to the Dealer. Your dealer will be able to relay all information to you regarding your warranty case.

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Owner’s Manuals

Where can I find the owner’s manual for my bow?

In our downloadable manual database

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Technology Questions

I’m looking for accessory recommendations for my bow. What do you suggest?

Your local Dealer will be happy to recommend accessories for you based on your shooting style and needs. This is more easily done in their shop since they have the benefit of working with you in person. In most cases, they will be able set you up right then and there.

What module do I need for my draw length and where do I set the let-off post?

Your draw length module is determined by the year and model of your bow. See our Manuals section.

What should I do if my string and cables need to be replaced?

Your local Authorized Diamond Dealer CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator for our Dealer Locator should perform any maintenance that requires a bow press – this includes changing your string and cables.

Where can I find out the string and cable length of my bow?

Based on your bow model, and the model year, you can find your string and cable lengths in our Manuals section.

What is the benefit of using Diamond factory made string and cables?

Diamond utilizes the most state of the art string making techniques in the compound bow industry. We pride ourselves in giving you the most technically advanced bows out there, right down to the string and cables. Diamond strings and cables go through a 6 point quality check-off on each and every piece. All strings and cables are pre-stretched over a set period of time, and then stretched again while serving to maintain the set diameter. What does this mean to the shooter? By maintaining the designed string and cable diameters and lengths, they will sit correctly in the cam tracks and you can rest assured that you will maintain the speed and performance potential of your bow.

Can I get custom colors if I use Octane factory strings?

Yes, Diamond offers most colors available from BCY. There may an additional charge for custom colors. Your local Authorized Diamond Dealer – CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator – can talk with their sales representative about color availability and cost on custom color string and cables.

Can I use aftermarket string and cable sets on my Diamond bow?

Many aftermarket string and cable(s) sets are only “close” on the lengths and diameters. This can drastically slow down, affect the performance, and significantly reduce the ease of tuning your bow. Use of aftermarket string and cable sets, and failure of that product resulting in further damage, will void the lifetime warranty of your bow.

How often should I change my strings and cables?

String and cable life is susceptible to a couple different factors. The first would be how much you shoot your bow, and second would be how well you take care of your strings. We recommend you regularly wax your string with a quality silicone-based string wax. Most strings will last thousands of shots. As a pre-season practice, inspect your string for cuts, abrasions and fuzziness. These can all be signs that your string and cable(s) may need to be replaced. When in doubt, take your bow to your local Authorized Dealer – CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator and they can assist you in getting new Diamond string and cable(s) on your bow.

Where is the centershot of my bow?

This can be set by measuring from the back of the riser to the arrow and then from the front of the riser to the arrow. Once this is equal, you are at the centershot of your bow. Keep in mind, not all bows tune at exact centershot due to the variances in arrow spine and your specific bow poundage. This is merely a starting point.

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General Questions

Where are Diamond bows made?

Diamond bows are manufactured and assembled in Eugene, Oregon
Learn more at our About Us page.

How often should I change my string and cable?

We suggest you change your strings and cables every 1-2 years. If you are seeing excessive wear such as, serving separation or fraying, you will want to consider changing your string and cables. It is a good idea to inspect your string and cable for this kind of wear before shooting your bow.

Will  my bow shoot faster if I get a heavier limb poundage?

The IBO speed advertised is achieved with a 70lb bow with a 350 grain arrow. The IBO measurement allows the flexibility of using different poundage bows as long as the arrow weight is 5 grains per pound of draw weight. Because of this a 50lb bow paired with a 250 grain arrow (50×5=250) will shoot the same speed as a 70lb bow paired with a 350 grain arrow (70×5=350).

Can I order directly from Diamond Archery?

We are not set up as a retail facility and are not staffed to take retail orders. For this reason we do not sell directly to consumers. All orders need to be placed with your local authorized dealer. For a list of dealers near you please go visit our Dealer Locator – CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator

How can I purchase a Diamond bow if I don’t have a Local Authorized Dealer?

In the event that there is not a dealer in your area you may qualify for “Bowtech in the Boonies” please visit for more details on this program. This program is not available for customers that have Authorized Dealers within 30 miles.

Can I have my bow refinished in a different camo pattern?

Unfortunately, we do not offer aftermarket service for bow decoration.

Can I get my bow built with a custom color combination?

Your local dealer CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator can contact their sales representative and check the availability of a custom build. If available there may be a custom build charge applied. The sales representative can go over any applicable charges with your local Authorized Diamond Dealer.

Are there any past models still available?

One of your favorite prior year model bows may be available for purchase. Your local dealer CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator can contact their sales representative and check on availability and cost of any prior year models.
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Diamond bows are covered by or licensed under one or more US patents. Other patents pending. Click here to view the patent list.