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Hot Bowfishing Action From Florida

Over Easter weekend The Outdoors Chef put two Edge Sonars to good use. Jonathan and Decota Collins went out late night into the Florida Everglades targeting some alligator gar and tilapia. Success was had! Check out some of the action below, including some awesome recipes for fresh fish dishes you can make at home.



Reeling In The Tilapia

Chef brings another big tilapia into the boat while they explain more about this wild fish in FL.

Tilapia Fish Cakes on The Dock

Chef Collins takes you through a great recipe for fish cakes using his fresh caught tilapia. Watch as he and Orlando whip them up and chow down.

The Last Shot Of The Night

Decota reels in a nice fish to close out the night. The cooler is full and they head back for some sleep before bringing you some cooking sessions on Saturday.

Bowfishing's Cutting Edge Innovation

It's good to be on top, the Edge Sonar gets you there. Bowfishing's Cutting Edge Innovation is durable, lightweight and versatile. This will be your new weapon of choice when hunting the watery depths. We'll show you why.

WATCH: Edge Sonar Specs

The Edge Sonar features the adjustability, ease of use, and versatility needed when things get serious. Featuring 12 inches of draw length adjustment, along with 50 lbs of limb poundage adjustment, it is sure to fit nearly every archer. The Edge Sonar is engineered for the beginner and experienced bowfisher alike. Quick to set up and easy to use for the beginner, yet durable and powerful enough for the tournament bowfisher. Loaded with the industry's leading accessories, Diamond didn't cut any corners to create your ultimate bowfishing experience.

Who Wants To Go Bowfishing??? We Do!!!

Nate Zelinsky, Diamond Archery Ambassador, got the first peek at the Edge Sonar in late 2016. Check out this trailer cut from the bow's first day on the water. What will you hunt with the Sonar this year? Tell us with #EdgeSonar on social and maybe we'll feature your photos and videos right here!

Watch Sonar Bowfishing Videos

Proper Arrow Attachment

There is a proper way to attach the arrow to the line. It simple, and most important, safe. Watch the video and we'll show you how to do it.

Nocked and Loaded

Nocking the arrow in the proper way for safety. It may seem simple, but it differs a bit on a bowfishing bow vs. a conventional bow.

Check Your Regulations

Some states require a fishing and hunting license to bowfish, others only require a fishing license. Also, there are certain areas that may be off limits. You need to know before hitting the water.

Conservation: Your Responsibility

Proper harvest and disposal is crucial to bowfishing's future. Make sure the sport is intact for our next generation, and more.

Finding Prime Spots

Cant' find fish? There are key areas you should focus on. Also the time of day is important and changes through out the season. Watch this quick video and we'll help you find them.

Use Your Eyes

No sight needed, use your eyes for quick shooting.

Aim Low, and Lower Yet

Refraction is deceiving. Aiming low is key. It may seem weird at first, but we'll show you how to be successful.

Bowfishing Tactics

Fish can be sneaky, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and go find them. Sometimes when you get to the right spot, they'll come to you.

Shot Placement

Now that you know how to aim, should you take a body or head shot? There are considerations depending on the game. Learn more here.

Everything is Clear

You can't hit them if you can't see them. Polarized glasses are a must. We'll show you why.

Getting the Advantage

There are times when you to keep quiet, and there are time when to roll in hot and they freeze up. Learn when to apply each tactic.