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Bucky Hauser

My archery career began being introduced to the sport by my uncle at an early age and actually saving my allowance to purchase my first bow.  After a lot of pleading my dad, who was an avid hunter him self, he allowed me at the age of twelve to go on my first archery deer hunt and I was hooked. I spent the majority of my youth chasing Whitetails in Virginia and North Carolina. Touring the archery circuit shooting tournaments for approximately ten years before changing my focus solely on hunting.  Archery hunting has become my foremost passion, hunting across the US and Canada chasing big whitetails and other game animals. I have been a Mossy Oak Regional Pro Staff Manager for the better part of eight years and have a dream job with H&G Marketing working in the Hunting and Shooting Sports Industry. Both afford me the opportunity to be an ambassador of the brands I represent. Residing in Southeast Virginia, I have been married to my wife Kelly for Fifteen years and have two wonderful daughters Taylor (14) and Tillee (7) who have followed in my footsteps as both are accomplished archers and hunters. We look forward each year to time we can share and keep the family traditions of archery, hunting, shooting, and being in the outdoors alive and well.