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Rihana Cary

Born and raised in Oregon, I have always been an avid outdoors-women. I live to be in the woods and live from what the woods provide. I spend my time chasing wild game and cooking it up in new innovative ways. Since my first archery elk hunt I was hooked, and have worked hard to harvest several animals with my bow. I currently live in Eugene OR, with my husband, best friend, and hunting partner Ty Cary who is also a part of Team Bowtech. From the Blue Mountains to the Coast Range we love to hunt the western favorites, blacktail, muleys, Roosevelts, rocky mountains, black bear, turkey, and several other animals that bring a new dynamic to bow hunting. As a passionate hunter I look forward to teaching the new generations of hunting the skills it takes to be a ethical and accurate hunter. I am thankful to pass on the heritage and be a part of Team Bowtech, as a Bowtech Women’s Ambassador, and Bowtech Prostaff.